Learn the Basics of the Dired File Manager (Doom Emacs)

DistroTube This tutorial will cover some of the basic commands and customization options of ‘”dired”, the file manager inside Emacs. This video will focus on dired within Doom Emacs, using the evil keybindings (vim-like keybindings). Although this video is nearly 30 minutes long, it barely scratches the surface of the functionality available within this excellent Read More …

Install Third Party DEB Packages With ‘deb get’ (Reduces Need For Snaps!)

DistroTube ‘deb-get’ allows you to install .deb packages published in third party repositories or via direct download. This is especially useful for installing proprietary software that will not be found in the standard repos (like Chrome, Discord, VSCode, etc). It works on Debian, Ubuntu and their derivative distributions. REFERENCED: ► https://github.com/wimpysworld/deb-get